Horses disease is a no for a non profit

These animals devoted their life to their owners and their owners abandoned them with a drop of a hat. We find homes for some horses but some have to stay with us. They suffer from bowed tendons, broken jaws, thread worms and various skin problems. These horses form a strong herd and we immediately see their health and character improve. They will never be perfect but they are loved by us and their herd as though they were.

The weakest horse can become a powerful tool against forest fire. As they have to walk between water and feed, their bodies grow stronger and they clean the underbrush. The cistaceae that is waste high and highly incendiary is worn down by their hooves. The plant isn't destroyed but broken off at the root until the first rains and new leaves and shoots will appear. As the horses move their way through the plants and small trees the old road begins to take shape. Within a short time, it becomes a useable without the need of big machines and fuel.

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